Love Me review – Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun explore love in oddball sci-fi

20 january 2024

the Oscar-nominated actors star as a buoy and a satellite falling for each other after the world has ended in a head-scratching experiment

But while the curiosity might have sustained itself for the most part, the excitement slowly faded, the film an alluring but ultimately failed experiment.

It starts with a bold, and bleak, look into the future. Humanity is long gone and a digitally assisted smart buoy (voiced by Stewart) is all alone.

One day, it encounters a satellite (voiced by Yeun), charged with explaining the end of the world to any life form it might encounter

But the film’s grasp of the internet and its jabs at social media feel too broad and far too dated, repeatedly hammering easy targets into nothing.

It feels like a short that was expanded without enough thought for how it might work as a whole movie and by the end, even that curiosity has faded too.

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