Honda India Confirms Electric And Flex-Fuel Bikes In Its Future

04 February 2024

We’ve been watching Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India with interest over the past few years, and not just because of the H’Ness CB350

While that includes middleweights like the H’Ness CB350, it also includes entry-level combustion machines—as well as flex-fuel and electric options.

There’s also a plan to enter the low-end motorcycle segment in India with a 100cc or equivalent model aimed primarily at commuters.

Information such as a general timeframe, as well as how many EVs and flex-fuel vehicles HMSI plans to release isn’t available just yet.

It also said that it’s at the feasibility study stage of EV development, as well as assessment of the EV infrastructure ecosystem within the market overall.

“Bringing the synergies of Honda’s global expertise with strong indigenous support, HMSI will further expand its horizons in India.

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