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14 january 2024

Wherever you are, the Carver can easily be electrically charged anywhere. Depending on the type of Carver, the charging time of a full battery is between 3.45-5 hours.

The Carver’s battery can easily be electrically charged at home with the 230v plug. The charging cord is located on the back of the Carver, which you can plug into a normal wall outlet.

The range of the Carver, depending on the type, is 100-130 km. As with all batteries, the actual range may vary.

Your driving style and traffic conditions can reduce your actual range. For example, driving at high speeds costs more energy and the battery will drain faster.

Colder weather conditions affect the energy consumption of the battery. At lower temperatures, a battery is less able to retain energy. This can result in a shorter driving range in winter than in summer.

Did you know that the Carver can recharge itself by braking? This is also known as regenerative braking.

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